Made in Britain


I remember loving the Olympic’s athletes’ parade when I was a kid, the horrible outfits, smiling faces and effusive spectators.  The first thing I thought after watching Danny Boyle’s opening ceremonies was, ‘Thank God, now I can have a comfort break!’  What a ceremony!  Infused with (postmodern) history, including a pronounced nod to the NHS, comedy, great music and a parachuting octogenarian, it was right up my street and I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

It also made me think.  As a Canadian living in the UK, I am a part-time anthropologist, learning about a culture(s) that is at times as familiar as an old jumper (sweater) and other times, as foreign as marmite on toast.  So what did the ceremony say about the UK?  Well, it may just be Danny Boyle talking, but if I were an alien viewing the UK for the first time, I’d think the UK was a confident, yet edgy, country.  A place both comfortable with its past, again in a crunchy postmodern way, and unsure about the future.  A country that might not know exactly where its going, but is sure to have an exciting time getting there and telling the rest of the world all about it later.  Let the Games begin!