I have a few excuses for not posting any updates in ten weeks, but probably the best one is that I was Shanghaied.  Literally.  For the last two weeks of June.  It was quite the experience, let me tell ya.

Well, I wasn’t exactly Shanghaied in the traditional sense – no drugs were employed (apart from strong liquor) and I wasn’t forced onto any boats – though I did get on one voluntarily.   What did happen is that I was asked to go to Shanghai for a couple weeks to teach in a summer school there.  It was quite the experience and, once I get my butt in gear, I will be sharing my adventures in true LEJoG de Matt style (which means plenty of long, rambling sentences filled with things that tickle me and probably confuse others – hey ho).  I did think of calling it LEJoG to Shanghai, but I think Shanghaied is probably better and a good deal more self-explanatory.

My primary impulse in writing everything down is partly down to self-indulgence – je me t’amuse – but also to record some thoughts about China, its past, present and future.  I am no expert, that’s for damned sure, but perhaps the musings of a jetlagged, overheated, illiterate layman can shed a wee bit of light on a country that will play a big role in all of our futures.  The first post should be up fairly soon and I hope you like it.