An Addition


Summer has whizzed by, a little like Usain Bolt or an Andy Murray backhand.  Unilke 6/7 summers I’ve spent in the UK, this summer has actually been summery.  Well, July at least.  And after 2 weeks in Shanghai, I had my fill of heat anyway.  Now, leading up to the last week in August, there is a chill in the air, the leaves on the trees look spent, and most of the geese in Scotland seem to have left the building, so to speak.

Although I do like summer, it’s not my favourite season, and I’m not usually disappointed when it fades into fall.  This is partly because summer in the UK (refer to sentence number 2) is usually a bust, particularly up here in Scotland.  I prefer spring, in large part because it never disappoints.  The snow eventually melts, the days will get longer and a bit of heat does find its way into the gloomiest vale.  I like autumn for many of the same reasons.  This year I really haven’t minded seeing summer going because once it goes, and autumn follows, we will have a Christmas addition to the family.  If the scans are accurate, she will be a girl.  Which is perfect.  Bring on winter!