Career Opportunities


In a former life, I was a careers advisor, among many other things.  For about eight years, on and off, I provided career advice to high school drop outs, ex-cons, plumbers with bad backs, disgruntled medical students, aspiring medical students, rudderless university students and many, many people who were just seeking a change (eventually I realised I needed a change, too).  While I was working at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (or NAIT), I even published articles on the subject in the peerless publication, the NAIT Nugget, between 2003 and 2006.  I stumbled across these articles recently and had a look at them.  I realised that: 1) even though they are a little dated (Donald Trump was still a glorified game show host back then), much of the information is relevant; and 2) they’re kind of funny (at least to me).  So, here they are, compiled for you!  If you take the advice and it works, please let me know.  If it doesn’t, caveat emptor, you know about free advice, don’t you?

A Compendium of Career and Job Search Advice